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Social & Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment

Our objective is to promote the strengthening of social safety nets, awareness and understanding of the ageing process, thereby ensuring financial security and enhancing the quality of life for a minimum of 10,000 senior citizens within the next 5 years. 


Promote older persons rights with a view to accord them decent post-retirement living.

African doctors pose for camera

Collaborate with local healthcare providers to offer health and wellness programs targeting 1000 senior citizens' physical and mental well-being. 

African woman speaking to a group of people

Partner with local NGOs and stakeholders to raise awareness about ageing, and dispel misconceptions, reaching at least 2000 people annually.

Doctor with patient in rural setting

 Promote healthy ageing by training 100 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) for elderly care and disseminate the curriculum to at least 47 health facilities at County level.

young student in a library

Establish knowledge and heritage hubs in 3 counties and facilitate regular intergenerational dialogues, reaching at least 500 participants annually.

smiling woman watering her plants

Elderly Community Gardens. Create community gardens where senior citizens can actively participate in gardening, socialize, and share their gardening knowledge and experiences.

old man sitting with cane

Partner with community organizations to identify vulnerable senior citizens and provide them with financial assistance, healthcare support, and social engagement programs.

father and son playing football

Organize sports events and community fitness programs to encourage staff and partners to adopt and advocate for active lifestyles, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Environmental Stewardship

The goal of our Environmental Stewardship Pillar is to advocate for and implement effective adaptation and mitigation strategies that address environmental impacts, ensuring the adoption of sustainable practices and enhancing climate resilience.

CPF foundation team planting trees

Grow 10,000 trees in designated areas every year. 

Small plant sprouting

Promote ESG integration in investment decision-making. 

CPF foundation team planting trees

Sustainability training for staff and partners by 2028

CPF foundation team helping in community cleaning

Champion renewable energy and  waste management activities adoption

Research and 

Our objective is to promote relevant research and advocacy efforts and also provide thought leadership in the establishment of robust and sustainable pension systems. These systems will play a crucial role in ensuring individuals' financial stability during their retirement years.

  • Advocate for the inclusion of a mandatory health care plan in pension deductions in Kenya.

  • Promote construction of Retirement Villages and Recreational Centres

  • Lobby for inclusion of Social Housing in Affordable Housing Agenda 

  • Advocate for policy reforms that enhance pension schemes, encourage employer contributions, and ensure equitable pension distribution.

  • Partner with financial institutions to design pension plans that offer attractive benefits and encourage retirement savings.

  • Promote research and policy engagement around pension planning, investments, ageing including contributing to ongoing bills, geriatrics health, ageing, universal health care, Future of work.

  • Participate in national and international events and contribute knowledge and expertise to enhance policies for senior citizens e.g., during UN calendar days.

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